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Skills management

SkillsNow, transformational technology for skills-based organizations. 
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Visibility of your talent and skills is key

SkillsNow — the world’s first solution of its kind —  gives users full visibility of all aspects of hiring and skills development within your organisation. It covers everything from application to interview, training to onboarding and all future skills development for individuals or teams. 


Automates the hiring process at scale allowing you to fulfil roles with quality candidates at pace.


Deliver training online to an individual, team or your whole organisation.


People are your organisation's most valuable assets. Build their talent and skills from a centralised development hub.

“NETbuilder was instrumental in our journey to develop the Digital Delivery Centres in the Philippines and Colombia. The partnership empowered us to leverage their SkillsNow platform to power up our recruitment process and the learning and development of our talents.

We believe that their contribution will play an important role in our plans to develop our workforce's professional goals across customized learning paths,  not only helping our employees growth, but also in aligning them with our organizational goals. ”



Bob Harvey


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NETbuilder and a self-proclaimed ‘jack of all trades', Bob has a wide breadth of experience across the technology industry, enabling him to lead large-scale technology transformations for the world's largest enterprises.

The skills they need for the team you need

Plan a custom development plan for every member of your team and issue a personalized skills passport to showcase their skills.

Clear for them

By providing a clear roadmap for their professional development, your staff can feel confident about their progression.

Clear for you

Personalized targets within a standardized workflow give your organization the best of both worlds — motivated staff and management clarity.

Get a demo of SkillsNow

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