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Web Experience Foundation

Web Content Management is the backbone of an effective web experience management strategy

Customers have too many options, short attention spans, and expect to get what they need from your website in a matter of seconds. We provide an all-encompassing offering to stand up a central platform for Web Content Management (WCM) with all the necessary features to start small, yet still go far in delivering innovative web experiences. The solution focuses on enabling enterprise businesses to consume, operationalise and manage their web content platforms. This aids the business in unlocking the true return on investment from digital solutions and ensures this capability is future proofed. The ultimate vision is to work towards a plan where everything is automated and there is almost no reliance on 3rd party service providers for BAU platform operation.

Do you need our help?


How much time does it take you to create your digital experiences? Are your marketers able to create differentiated brand and shopping experiences without IT? Do you know how much fall out occurs over your customer’s journey?


If you don’t already have a good foundation for content marketing and web experience management, or you rely too heavily on IT to make simple changes, or it is cumbersome to manage web properties and you are still experiencing slow time to market, something is not right with your current foundation and there is a good chance you will continue to feel the pain in the short term until you act on it.


Release Manager. I want to automate and streamline the build-test-release cycle for reliable, continuous delivery of high quality applications.


API Manager. I want to design, secure, deploy, monitor, analyse and scale modern APIs so that I can manage every connection made to backend services and data sources.


Experience Manager. I want my business users to build websites, mobile apps and forms at scale, and manage their marketing content and assets easily.


Data Analytics. I want to collect, organise, analyse and report on everything my customers do to help make sense of my data, delivering the foundation for actionable customer intelligence.

It is the foundation to...


Re-platform for the real-time web
Efficiently and easily deliver personalised web content, saving time and money with a foundation that will grow with you.


Consolidate your digital presence
Build a content hub with a single presentation layer where all web content, documents, product and other data will be stored.


Deliver fast time-to-market
Recognise value quickly by leveraging our technology vendor accelerators and programme delivery methodology.


Embrace change with confidence
Operate a truly collaborative way to work, enabling us to work as one team and you to adopt our solution at every stage of the process.


Reduce reliance on IT and third-parties
Built with best practice and reuse in mind, we deploy a large set of application assets and automated scripts that reduce future initiatives' effort to its minimum.