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Place Partnership are a leading asset management company, established to provide value, efficiency and cost savings to over 1400 land and property assets in the UK. One key aspect of Place Partnership's delivery portfolio is the real-time management and control of building energy usage and consumption. The platform used for this is called the "Building Energy Management System" or BEMS for short and can be found in Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, NHS, Education and Local Government establishments.

The Brief 

NETbuilder Ltd bid for and were awarded the tender in 2017 to design, build, manage and operate a secure, multi-point data network comprising of broadband and high speed leased lines, highly available managed firewalls, multiple secure site-to-site VPNs and remote monitoring and service assurance tools

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Our Approach

To meet the PPL design requirements, our solution had to be intrinsically secure, flexible and cost effective. We had to design a system that could interface with Law Enforcement and Local Government agencies but also be able to offer various end point solutions to cater for different network and firewall configurations. The signalling path from the BEMS location consists of an out-of-band broadband circuit and an IP-VPN secure tunnel. The circuit terminates onto a highly available firewall cluster from which the PPL BEMS support team can remotely access the local BEMS equipment.

The Result

NETbuilder’s innovative solution, enables Place Partnership’s customers to securely connect to their energy management platform and to-date, we have over 120 connected sites including Police Stations, Schools, Government and NHS locations ultimately increasing energy efficiency and realising significant financials benefits.

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